Who is Away /Digital Home/?

In short, Away /Digital Home/ is a team of uber passionate people. We also happen to be uber passionate people with skills in architecture, engineering, technology and 3D modelling.

The result? Delivery of an interactive software platform that enriches the customer journey for homebuyers and provides efficiencies for the homebuilder.

Our team of professional legends merge Building Information Modelling
(BIM) with the latest gaming engine technology to create an asset that can be used at all touch points of a customer journey, no matter where a customer is in the world.

As humans, we appreciate experiences that engage our senses. Sometimes a combination of sensory touchpoints is required, but the most favourable sense when it comes to making a big buying decision would have to be sight.

Let’s use the example of the homebuilding journey. Yes, purchasers can visit a display home to find the house they dream of building but beyond the built home and selected design theme it becomes difficult to envisage their end goal. Alternative facades, floors plan options, design themes, materials products and all the other selections that will go into their home, cannot be seen, which begs the question; “how will they design and theme their dream home to ensure they love it for years to come? “

When a customer struggles to visualise their decisions, it can result in a longer sales process and sometimes, a less than positive experience for everyone involved.

With Away / Digital Home /, we can make purchaser variations as we walk around a 3D model: change the kitchen, swap the tapware, change the feature wall colour. In addition, we can complement this experience with impactful imagery and videos that customers can take away knowing the right selections were made. Throughout this whole process, choices are tracked and can be connected to live pricing, immediately letting us know if a decision falls within a budget.

Not only does this experience encourage a positive and game-changing journey for the customer, but it also promotes confidence to sign on the dotted line, faster. Not to mention the superior operational efficiencies for the homebuilder with less outlay upfront and quicker conversion times. What does this actually mean? Money in the pockets of the builder sooner.

This interactive software isn’t limited to homebuilders but will also provide benefits for suppliers who can enhance their product offering – fittings, fixtures, amenities, furniture, accessories. In the world of 3D visualisation, anything is possible.

Businesses should aim to offer a product supported by an exceptional customer journey, thus ensuring they are unique, memorable and stand out from the crowd. Digital, high-quality and interactive experiences aren’t the way of the future, they’re the way of right now.

Away /Digital Home/ offers the powerful solution needed to inspire, educate and encourage customer purchases.

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