How has CoVid-19 Pandemic impacted the customer journey with project homebuilders

In Victoria, Australia, the state has been placed under stage 4 restrictions due to an increase number of Coronavirus cases. The Coronavirus outbreak has significantly impacted all industries including travel, entertainment, education and financial markets. The homebuilder and the construction industry more broadly are not exempt.

The restrictions having a significant impact on both agents and sale teams ability to sell homes as well as on construction sites. Construction teams having to juggle COVID safe plans and limitations of numbers on a site or to how many sites they can attend.

More particularly, with these restrictions have come opportunities for new ways of working and engaging with customers. Digital home design and tour with high-quality visualization have quickly become critical in complimenting sales and marketing team efforts and closing sales.

Our Digital Home merges BIM models and latest gaming engine technology to create an asset that can be used at all touch points of the customer journey no matter where they are in the world. Whether its on line via our 360 Tours, videos, renders or in a design studio, it is designed to streamline the sales process and create customer confidence in their design decisions.

This new solution, albeit years in the making, will be a powerful solution for homebuilders in attracting new customer and making sales during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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