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Those who fail to evolve and embrace new ways of working will fall behind the leaders. This post explores some of the ways volume home builders can leverage technology and data to deliver value, efficiencies and better outcomes, to their businesses.

It’s January 2020, and in my dream I am one of Australia’s largest home builders. Since the nineties, my company has been successfully building homes for Australia’s ever-growing population. We have experienced consistent growth over the last 30 years.

During this time, we have helped tens of thousands Australians realise their dream of owning their own home. This is an achievement that we are very proud of.

Our success is due to a variety of factors, including great home designs; energetic, skilled and experienced sales and construction teams; trustworthy partners, a growing population and first-rate systems and software.

But as we all know, times are changing. And they are changing fast.

I realize that our success over the next 30 years cannot rely on our strong reputation alone. Rather, it will depend on our excellent teams enhancing our customers’ journeys and delivering faster, better and more affordable homes.

Having awoken from my dream both energized and curious, I decided to reach out to colleagues and leaders in industry; people who have, and continue to, leverage technology and data to deliver value, efficiencies and better outcomes, to their businesses and firms.

These digital leaders all talked at a high level about aligning innovation strategy with their overall company strategy. Then, at a more operational level, the need to be a business that makes better use of data and the latest construction materials and techniques. They spoke of the importance of improving visualisation and having better-connected workflow and system integration.

With the help of these experts, we at Away Digital, developed our company strategy to incorporate cutting edge 3D design and data integrated software, materials and construction techniques. Using gaming engines, our customers will be able to experience revolutionary visualisation opportunities that would facilitate choices and optimise outcomes. Such innovation will allow;

  • Better Designs – by enabling your designers and other stakeholders to visualize product before going to market
  • Data Rich Models – by ensuring that accurate documentation and take offs are delivered with enviable efficiency and that the risks of costly errors are minimized.
  • Top Quality Visualisation and Engagement – by delivering virtual and augmented reality experiences in real time and by being connected to data which will enable new and improved functionality such as live pricing.
  • Getting to market sooner –by using VR, videos and renders to market new designs and satisfy customer needs, you can start selling much faster. You no longer have to wait to build display homes and models.
  • Enhanced collaboration – by working more closely and effectively with external partners that are aligned with your innovation strategy, your efficiency to deliver new ways of working will be massively improved.
  • Connected Workflows and Systems –by integrating data and systems, completion times and costs will be reduced and you will get to site faster. All your information will be in one place and remodeling and searching through systems for updated information will be things of the past.

We know with certainty that our industry needs to continue to innovate and evolve.

Our new and exciting strategy will be transformative, but it will be implemented cautiously and prudently. The enormity of this digital transformation is not lost on me or our team. We will continue to call on the skill and experience of our expert partners and clients to ensure smooth adoption of our new products and services.

We at Away Digital can see a bright and lucrative future, working together with our partners and clients in this new digital arena for home builders. We are excited and are sure you will be too.

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