Designing your home in real time is here!

Building your dream home from the ground up can be fun and rewarding, but it can also be anxiety-provoking. People often struggle to visualise options and communicate ideas about their future home to the homebuilder.

For the homebuilder being able to discuss, visualise and explore options in 3D with its customers, will without doubt deliver unpredecented confidence in the customer journey.
Using 3D construction models and gaming engine technology we are now offering homebuilders and homebuyers a platform that they can experience all designs and options before the home is built.

The Away Digital Home connects 3D construction BIM models with the latest gaming engine technology to deliver an interactive, real time experience of your designs.
Have a design ready to show to clients in weeks not months!

Our digital Homes have the highest quality visualization, it looks photo real, and gives you the truest representation of your future home.
The platform provides users with an engaging and interactive experience that they will love! You will be able to walk anywhere in your digital home before it is built, see your design ideas, change your selections and know how much it costs with Live Pricing, all in real-time!

Don’t miss out on future sales opportunities because you are still selling homes with a 2D render and floor plan!

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