Allow your customers to say ‘goodbye’ to buyer’s remorse

There are a few exceptional reasons the Away Digital Home platform has been developed with the homebuilder at the forefront. Significantly, this tool has been designed to generate meaningful outcomes with your customers as you create their dream home. Ultimately allowing your processes to be a breeze as you work towards a future home that lasts a lifetime for your clients.

Coupling gaming engine technology with our architectural 3D modelling service Away Digital Home enhances the customer journey as the homebuyers undergo the ever-so-important homebuilding process. We all know your customers can often overwhelm themselves having to make countless decisions when it comes to their home, and even though some time is consumed in doing so, they can still walk away unsure if they’ve made the right decision.

Enter buyer’s remorse.

Whether it be lighting fixtures, door handles or wall colours, the choices often seem endless. A positive experience is one where you can encourage confidence in those final decisions and allow your customer to walk away with excitement and assurance. Nothing less.

Utilise the Away Digital Home platform and its architectural 3D visualisation to walk the homebuyer through their future dream home. Allow them to make each choice and see it come to life in front of their eyes. Encourage them to build that emotional connection from start to finish. Inspire certainty with live pricing at their fingertips, guaranteeing budget-tracking and the chance to squeeze in any upgrades.

With real-time rendering functionality, the Away Digital Home tool grants the opportunity for your customer to go home with their new build in their hands, to not only enjoy from the comfort of their home and generate more excitement but also brag to their family and friends – hello referrals!

By adding this interactive home design process to your customer journey, you can ultimately decrease buyer’s remorse, promote quicker and more confident decisions, reduce turnaround times, require fewer resources, and not to mention, offer that exceptional industry-leading customer experience.

Customers should be the heart of any business and with it comes a promise to provide sufficient solutions and support for their needs.

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